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FileFinder Executive Search Software Client Testimonials & Reviews

Dillistone Systems is a leading global supplier of Executive Search software, with clients ranging from independent researchers to major players in the industry - including many AESC member firms. In fact, 50% of the leading Executive Search firms in the world, use FileFinder Executive Search Software in at least one office. FileFinder can be implemented in 4 languages and is currently installed in more than 60 countries. Our 5 offices around the world ensure that our clients receive the best possible support service. 

Here's what some of our customers have to say:

O'Neill Consulting Group (USA)

"Being able to access our data on the road from different devices is going to be extremely impactful for us. We would definitely recommend FileFinder Anywhere. It is going to help us serve our clients better."

Excel Search Partners (USA)

"FileFinder is a much more sophisticated system than the one it replaced, and I really wish I had made the switch sooner. I also want to compliment you on your team – everyone has been exceptionally professional and helpful thus far! Working with FileFinder and Dillistone Systems has made me smile!"

Neil Newman Search (UK)

"One of the easiest decisions I had to make starting Neil Newman Search was which industry software to use to support my business development, account management and assignments. Having used an alternative product for a few years, I’m delighted to be back on FileFinder – I really believe it is the best product in our industry. The latest version is even more intuitive, has greater functionality and is more integrated into Outlook."

CIP Global Executive Search (Sweden)

"I have to say that in general everyone at Dillistone is always very helpful and very customer focused. You guys are perhaps the best in the business... It truly is the service that makes the difference."

Shaw & Shaw Recruitment (UK)

"FileFinder is a very sleek database that produces the right information not only for my executive search assignments but also for all my administrative tasks."

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TRANSEARCH International (Worldwide) - AESC Member - Preferred Technology Supplier

“Although we have had a long standing relationship with Dillistone Systems, the changing needs of our business meant that we needed to review a variety of suppliers to the market. Historically, we have used legacy, desktop based solutions but – going forward – we required a platform that could be Web enabled and delivered from the Cloud. From a technical perspective, we felt that FileFinder Anywhere was the most advanced product on the market, and we felt the combination of functionality and user experience offered by the new FileFinder was a strong fit for the needs of our business."

Stanton Chase International (Baltimore, USA) - AESC Member

"Thank you for your follow up. Yes, we went 'live' yesterday and so far the transition to the new system has gone very smoothly! I am particularly pleased with the user-friendliness and intuitiveness of FileFinder Anywhere compared to the older version we had been using. Our trainer did a great job of thoroughly covering all of the functionalities of the system and we are feeling very comfortable with it."

InterSearch (Worldwide) - Preferred Technology Supplier

“Our firm in Australia has utilised FileFinder for over a decade and have recently upgraded to FileFinder Anywhere which enables me to use the system when I travel. I was most happy to suggest that our members consider doing the same.”

Gollin Associates (USA)

"I had done some research on a number of different executive search systems and found that FileFinder Anywhere seemed the most intuitive, easy to use and most relevant to my needs. Accessing our data via a browser will be very helpful in our very busy work life!"

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Profile10 (UK)

“I always knew that Dillistone offered a premium service, but it wasn’t until I used another system where we really struggled with support, that I realised how valuable the service is.”

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Odgers Berndtson (Global) - AESC Member

"FileFinder is the executive search technology used within many Odgers Berndtson locations and is relied upon, day in day out, by our colleagues around the Globe. As a Partner and the IT Director for the firm, I have a close working relationship with the team at Dillistone and would be happy to recommend them to other suitable firms. We feel that we can rely on them to deliver strong levels of service, and are enthused by recent developments in the FileFinder product range. We look forward to continuing and developing the relationship in the years to come."
- Adam Gibson, Partner & IT Director

UCLA External Affairs (USA)

"FileFinder has revolutionized the in-house search function within our area at UCLA. It has enabled us to vastly increase our presence and visibility as a leader across the nation in strategic talent management and as an employer of choice in higher education."
- Amy Rueda, Executive Director, Strategic Talent Management - UCLA External Affairs – Development

EFL Associates (USA)

"We are FileFinder users. I am a FileFinder raving fan ­– I love it!"

Honeywell (Czech Republic)

"I would definitely recommend FileFinder Anywhere to in-house recruiters. I think it's a great tool for storing, categorization, finding the data and converting into a ROI."

Arthur Edward Associates (UK)

"FileFinder Anywhere does what it says on the tin: we can access it literally anywhere, on our iPhones and our iPads, and if we're working from home we can use any computer to access it. The integration between FileFinder Anywhere and Office 365 works very efficiently."

McIntyre Global Executive Search (USA)

“FileFinder allows me to handle more searches at the same time... It definitely has increased my speed and our capacity as a business.”

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Finiti Search Ltd (UK)

"FileFinder Anywhere makes us a lot more efficient on our assignments. We can see the status of every project, where we need to focus and where there are any gaps really quickly."

Video Interviews

We interviewed FileFinder users attending the 2013 World Executive Search congress in Las Vegas, and asked them to share their thoughts about FileFinder and the support they have received from our team. This is what they had to say:

Borrer Executive Search (Switzerland)

“We are working quicker, better and more efficiently. The workflow keeps us aware of milestones and supports our discussions with our clients. The reports generated are professional, easy to run and present longlist information superbly.”

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The JR-Cape Company (USA/Europe/Asia)

“The real feedback I want to provide, though, is a profound joy and confidence that I really do have a technical support team helping me.”

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Swann Global (Worldwide)

“I find FileFinder easy to use and quick. Our aim is to start taking advantage of more and more of the system – to help us with business management, staff development and a bunch of other things. The potential is just enormous, and it is helping us become better at what we do.”

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AR Procurement Ltd (UK)

"I am able to manage 25% more projects than before… purchasing FileFinder has certainly given AR Procurement a competitive edge as I am now attracting and placing many more candidates."

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The Three Partnership (UK)

“Support has been brilliant; it has been exceptional. The Dillistone Systems team is really phenomenal, with a very quick response time and a very quick turnaround.”

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CS Partners (UK)

"I just wanted to drop you a note to say am really impressed your support service. Quick, on the ball and helpful. Really different level of support that that I have experienced before."

IRC Talent Reserve (Lebanon)

"FileFinder is the Executive Search Solution in one system! Efficient, effective, ease of use, excellent user interface and outstanding service. Our reports are generated swiftly and professionally. Implementing FF Webport was the ultimate solution for linking our website to the system. Great team, outstanding support and system upgrades!"

DHR International (Worldwide)

"The implementation of FileFinder across our organization was a significant initiative for our business. We are growing rapidly on a global scale, opening 9 new offices in the last year, and our commitment to quality is such that we require a recruiting technology infrastructure capable of underpinning this expansion. After an extensive review of the market, we decided that Dillistone’s FileFinder application would offer us a global combination of stability, functionality and flexibility. We have been live for a number of weeks and are delighted with the results of a global knowledge management and CRM system."

Amrop (Romania) - AESC Member

"FileFinder is a real breakthrough for the executive search industry. As a research consultant, I find it very helpful in my day-to-day tasks, especially its connection to MS Outlook that makes it practically essential to every assignment."

I-Search (UK)

“FileFinder is a pleasure to use.”

Camario (Belgium)

"As much as the decision was not easy to take at first, there has not yet been a moment where I regretted purchasing FileFinder. The support from Germany is great. Thank you for your excellent guidance in this."

People Links (Chile)

"The support service is amazing, with fast and very good solutions always."

Amrop Perú S.A.C. (Peru) - AESC Member

"We have been using FileFinder since 2007 and I can tell it is a great tool! The new Research Zone is really great! And the latest version of FileFinder is very user-friendly too."

SpenglerFox (Worldwide)

"FileFinder cuts cycle time and boosts productivity. SpenglerFox required a group wide Executive Search and Selection tool, with a central database capable of being accessed from a number of International locations. FileFinder has improved our internal processes and allowed us to standardize our service offering across our group. This has allowed us to improve our service levels to our Global clients whilst improving efficiencies in delivering our service. Now that the system has been fully in place, we believe we are starting to achieve our anticipated return on investment."

OneBrightDay (UK)

"As a small, growing executive search business we were keen to align ourselves with a robust and user friendly database. All our Consultants are seasoned headhunters and have been exposed to a variety of recruitment system packages over the years. We unanimously believe that FileFinder is the best recruitment technology on the market. When we upgraded to the latest version of FileFinder, included in the package was the new Research Zone module. This extremely powerful recruitment tool is designed around the requirements of a search consultant and has had a significant impact on our candidate identification processes. This, combined with other intelligent search functions has made Research Zone invaluable to our business."

Saint Germain Executive (France)

"Our practice has been using FileFinder for close to two years. We were looking for a user-friendly and intuitive database, and FileFinder has clearly exceeded our expectations. This tool has helped us to work faster and more efficiently. It is a quality, reliable product."

Tuft & Associates (USA)

"Dillistone's customer support has been excellent. They are invariably patient and will explain things to me, a non-technical person, in layman’s terms."

Bushell & Cornish Pty Ltd (Australia)

"We chose FileFinder because it was purpose built for executive search. We believed that it would enable us to do all of the things that we wanted it to and more. We lacked a relational database so FileFinder has enabled us to eliminate a huge amount of duplication in handling the same data that had been stored in separate databases eg candidate database, assignment research documents, client database, etc. This has greatly improved the quality of data held and the speed with which we can all access the data. It is easier for us to manage assignments, respond to calls and organize marketing by having the live data at our fingertips. In terms of ROI, it is beginning to repay itself and will do even more as we build the data bank. I believe we probably would make the same purchase decision again."

Halcyon Search International (South Korea)

"We decided to purchase FileFinder because we needed a way to link people and assignments. It has made us much more efficient and we can find information much quicker and more accurately. We think it was well worth the investment and would certainly decide to purchase it again."

Brainpower (Russia)

"By the time we started to look for a new database, our old one absolutely didn’t correspond to our needs of the constant follow-up of the recruitment process. We needed a “live” database application, from which you could see the whole process in its development. Prior to purchasing FileFinder, we’ve conducted a broad market research. We found several other specialized applications, however none of them met our requirements so completely in terms of functionality and price. Moreover Dillistone provided us with several online product presentations, which allowed us to take a solid-weighted decision. Now as we have FileFinder, we are not feeling helpless in the absence of an Account Manager in charge. We can find out the whole process through FileFinder contact logs. We can provide our customer with a report of the work done through the Report function. We can easily see if the candidate is already on some recruitment process at the moment. We would definitely make the decision to purchase FileFinder again, and we recommend that our partners purchase it."

Bristol Associates, Inc. (USA)

"We have been in business since 1967 and were early users of recruiting systems. FileFinder has helped enable us to be more effective and efficient in our business and gives us a competitive edge over our competitors. We have been exceptionally pleased with our move to Dillistone’s FileFinder from Personic’s EZAccess. Dillistone’s outstanding support and customer service staff facilitated the conversion and transition. The program has proven to be superior and has helped us to be more effective in servicing our clients. I heartily recommend FileFinder."

Younion Consulting (UK)

"I looked at a number of alternatives and felt that FileFinder best suited our needs. Importing data via FFimport as well as Webgrab, etc. has been very useful and speeded up things from our previous CRM database."

Stanton Chase International (Serbia) - AESC Member

"We decided to purchase FileFinder after other offices (Athens, Bucharest) had a good experience. Our previous database was not so structured and it was not so easy to find necessary details. FileFinder definitely enables you to react quickly. No doubt it is a good investment. There is still room for improvement in the sense that we should use all available tools properly! I strongly recommended it."

KBS Associates Ltd / Amrop (Russia) - AESC Member

"We did some research on executive search tools and FileFinder had good references from the other companies of the Amrop Group. Then we met with the representatives of Dillistone Systems in London and after their sound presentation decided to use FileFinder in our work, which has become more efficient and productive. FileFinder is worth the investment. It is now one of our main tools integrated in the search process. It saves time, helps to store big volumes of information in a structural way and quickly find the requested data."

Boyden Global Executive Search (Switzerland) - AESC Member

"I have been working with FileFinder for more than 20 years. It makes the data accessible to everybody which means that we have to communicate less – reports can be generated at any time which saves a lot of time."

Brooke Chase Associates, Inc. (USA)

"The Dillistone FileFinder database system enables us to manage a number of search assignments at once. With this system, we are able to quickly access a client or candidate’s information and log every interaction. This allows our recruiters and researchers to instantly know the status of each search. One of the main features we continue to use is the reporting function which provides us with reports that help keep our clients informed about the progress of their search. Technology is used in every facet of the search process for Brooke Chase Associates, Inc. so we continue to look for better ways to use technology to improve the search process and become even more effective in the competitive marketplace. Before we purchased FileFinder we looked at over 20 other systems. We liked the user-friendly aspects of FileFinder and the fact that it could be modified to suit some of our idiosyncrasies. Most importantly is your customer service. You could give Microsoft some valuable lessons."

Profile Search & Selection HK Ltd. (Hong Kong, Singapore)

"FileFinder has been an indispensable tool for our business – it has been easy to use and to pick up and its search capability and interconnectivity is excellent. There have been no problems with speed and we have found the package very adaptable to our needs given the breadth of industries and disciplines we cover. Integrating a new office in Singapore was also not a problem."

Excalibur Associates Pte Ltd (Singapore)

"FileFinder puts a solid level of structure around what we do. It avoids things falling through the cracks as they do with manual systems. It enables us to be quicker to respond, and to conduct more comprehensive searches (using the search functionality). We have improved our service level to candidates as well as we are now able to easily access details on past engagements with them. Ultimately it enables us to be more professional. I have no doubts on the value of us using FileFinder. We are comfortable with using the product, we find the support works well when required, and we have a good relationship with the Dillistone team."

Hanson Green (UK)

"The impact of FileFinder on Hanson Green: • Swift and simple means of accessing data on people, assignments and companies • Allows us to respond nimbly to our urgent requests for information • Key tool in maintaining and developing our intellectual property and sharing data with colleagues • Memorandum text – very helpful tool for highlighting key points on individuals • Makes us more efficient, effective and professional • Prevents potentially embarrassing situations – eg two HG directors talking to the same individual about different roles at the same time."

Boyden Global Executive Search (Taiwan) - AESC Member

"I purchased FileFinder because I wanted a Search management system with most of the features that it offers. I saw that many other Boyden offices used FileFinder so after some thought and demonstrations we went for it. I am pleased by the way we can track contacts with candidates and clients. It is easier, almost automatic, to develop target and candidate lists. It is also very useful for me to be able to see what others in the office are working on."

Perrett Laver (Worldwide)

"FileFinder offered us a robust and reliable platform across our offices in EMEA, Asia Pacific and the Americas, but with enough flexibility that it could be customised to our specific needs and processes. Having made the transition in 2006, we have never looked back. It has enabled us to devote more time and attention to creative, original research, in the confidence that we have complete control over our ever-expanding global base of contacts and knowledge."

Corporate Recruiters Ltd (Canada)

"We did a thorough analysis of our current and anticipated future needs and then looked at every option available to us. FileFinder fulfilled the balance of features, usability and cost we were looking for. We have been being up and running for 8 years and are still learning new ways to use FileFinder to improve our processes and service. It has helped make us a better search firm."

Harling Menzies Executive Search (UK, Hong Kong)

"We chose FileFinder because our researchers could see the added benefit compared to the alternative systems. We all use it religiously and it does help us track assignment and client development status."

Private Equity Recruitment Ltd (UK)

"FileFinder has improved PER’s efficiency immensely. With a large global team dealing with the same candidates and clients on many assignments everyday it enables us to see exactly what exchanges have gone on. We never used to be able to store and search CVs so efficiently. It enables us to monitor assignment stages and have up to date information at our finger tips. I couldn’t live without it!”

Law Alliance (Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan)

"FileFinder has allowed us to access candidates faster and to record more data."

Euventis (Belgium)

"Out of various professional options we selected FileFinder as the best recruitment system, covering most of the functionality we needed as small national desk. If you need technical or functional assistance, help is around the corner."

Simonyi & Tòth (Hungary)

"Because of a lack of further developments in our previous database, we decided to have a look at FileFinder, which has a good reputation on the market and provides professional support. It is quicker and more precise than the previous system."

Cordiner King (Australia)

"We are extremely dependent on FileFinder - we open it first thing in the morning just after our email application, and we close it down last thing at night. We use it to manage every stage of the search process - from client proposal through to candidate placement. It is the only package for executive search!"

Ellams Thomas International (UK)

"FileFinder was the best technology available and came highly recommended. It has made me more efficient - I work in it constantly – I hope it has improved my service levels."

Crown & Marks Executive Search (Australia) - AESC Member

"We have been a user of FileFinder for eight years and have found it to be an extremely reliable, broad based search database that assists with efficient contact management, assignment and database management within our firm. With its user-friendly interface FileFinder can easily be adopted by new staff without the need for time consuming training sessions. FileFinder is an invaluable tool within our business."

McKinney Consulting, Inc. (Korea) - AESC Member

“After working in a search firm which used a basic homemade database utilizing Microsoft Access, I realized that there must be a better way. So, the first purchase that I made immediately upon the establishment of my company, McKinney Consulting, was the FileFinder System from Dillistone. The advantages of using a professional management system (database CRM) such as FileFinder are endless, but here are a few of the obvious ones: 1. Reduced staff. We can actually have less staff and accomplish more placements by using this system which is less labor intensive. 2. Speed in search, time is money. We are able to locate our talent pool much faster using FileFinder. 3. FileFinder allows us to store and locate all of information which is easily accessible to all members of the company. 4. Our database is less likely to be stolen based upon the security measures put into place. 5. Constant input from actual users and then the implementation into the design of upgrades in the system puts us on the leading edge of technology within our industry and gives us a competitive advantage.”

Principal Search (UK & USA)

“The whole process of Search – in the way in which we operate - could not function without a sophisticated database. The FileFinder system ensures that assignments are run and monitored in an orderly and efficient manner and anyone in the organisation can track the progress of a search at any time. It is the researcher’s key tool in being able to carry out their job properly.”

Vandycke & Partners (Belgium)

“FileFinder is an essential tool for our Search Firm. It is not only the database we rely on for safeguarding and retrieving our candidates' data, it also functions as an excellent client and assignment management tool. As an everyday user, you can tell that FileFinder was designed with a perfect understanding of the Executive Search business. This powerful tool has very few weak spots and every newer version always offers even more refined features.”

Spencer Associates Limited (Japan)

“We have been using FileFinder since 2001 and it has proved to be an extremely reliable off-the-shelf database that fulfils all of our needs. The initial installation and training was well conducted and the ongoing support has been very efficient. We have no hesitation in recommending FileFinder to other executive recruitment firms that need a tested, reliable database that links well with MS Office.”

Odgers Berndtson (Canada) - AESC Member

“When we decided that it was necessary to upgrade our systems, we reviewed a number of options but felt that the FileFinder system came closest to matching our search process. Furthermore, we felt that the support provided by Dillistone Systems would ensure that we receive a return on our investment. Having gone live in January, we can already see that we made the correct decision.”

The Specialized Group K.K. (Japan)

“Dillistone’s support service is always available and helpful to answer any questions we have with the FileFinder system.”

Value Search (Italy)

“The growing success of Value Search, which was set up in 2003, mainly relies on its nimble structure, a team of highly professional researchers and an advanced information management system – FileFinder. All members of our research team have been using FileFinder since 1990 and expected to be able to use this technology in the new company as well. We consider it an extraordinary tool and are trying to use it at its best. Although we are probably not making the most of the system’s whole potential, we believe that its contribution to our project management, particularly on an international scale, is fundamental. Furthermore, our customers are used to punctually receiving weekly reports on the progress of their projects, which can be perfectly organised by FileFinder. It is probably a case of mutual symbiosis: Do we think like FileFinder or does FileFinder think like us?”

Boyden Global Executive Search (Turkey) - AESC Member

“I have been using FileFinder since 1999. Due to its executive search market focus, It helps us tremendously to do our business more efficiently and thus enabling us to provide better service to our clients. I have met Jason Starr, founding partner of Dillistone, during a Boyden Conference where he made an excellent presentation. My aim was to find the best solution in the search market so I can utilize the technology in the best way and cut down my costs. These targets were achieved by using FileFinder. It helped us to become a leading firm in the Turkish Market. Thank you Dillistone, thank you FileFinder...”

Kathleen Townsend Executive Solutions (Australia)

“Unlike other systems that we investigated, FileFinder allows us to do all that but more importantly it allows us to track our contacts over the life of the person or the entity. As a company that works with a large number of repeat clients and which sees search as a long-term relationship between us, our clients and our candidates, this feature is vital."

Janet Wright & Associates, Inc. (Canada) - AESC Member

“We at JWA are very happy with FileFinder. Now we have a system that better integrates our candidate data with our search process.”

SIGNIUM Executive Search International Ltd (New Zealand) - AESC Member

“We find FileFinder particularly useful in driving our assignment management, ensuring an up-to-date database of candidates and in facilitating internal communications within our small but very busy office.”

Headlight International AB (Sweden) - AESC Member

“FileFinder is an extremely valuable Search tool that integrates perfectly into our other systems. We keep discovering new advantages! During our ongoing international expansion we see FileFinder as a great tool for sharing both market intelligence and candidate information.”

De4 Search & Consulting AS (Norway)

“FileFinder gives me the overview I need of my daily work. The system is built in a logical way in relation to the different steps in the executive recruitment process, and makes it easy for me to follow up the agreed work plan. In hectic periods I would have easily been lost without FileFinder.”

Friisberg & Partners International (Lithuania)

“At first we were a bit “tensed” as we’ve been the first company in the Baltic States using FileFinder. We’ve found it user-friendly and very helpful for our activity. Now we can strongly recommend it to those who value quality and effectiveness.”

Stanton Chase International (Greece) - AESC Member

“FileFinder made our work more efficient, as well as easier. The program allow us to have a spherical picture of the project and thus an in depth knowledge of every single detail, which proves to be quite useful in our communication with the client. It is great to be able with a single press of a button to track the history, have available all the document related to them and remember small details for every one of the many candidates you speak to everyday, which colors an otherwise quite professional communication, with a personal note.”

J White & Company (USA)

“When we made the transition to FileFinder two years ago we found the system very easy to adapt to and the Dillistone people extremely helpful. The technical support over the last 2 years has been superb. When we needed you, you were always there.”

Boyden Consultores (Chile) - AESC Member

"FileFinder is the backbone of our search process and therefore critical to our efficiency. I would estimate that we experienced between 30% and 40% productivity increase." “FileFinder is an IT based tool from Dillistone Systems broadly used among the most important executive search firms globally. This tool provides executive search consultants with support in research processes and project management needs, among other relevant benefits. It is based on a combination of database, CRM platforms which are designed to provide effective work flow and management of client/candidate database in this industry as well as financial status reporting and forecasting. Boyden Global Executive Search is one of the key companies to use this system in several of its global operations, which include: Buenos Aires, Lima, Miami, Santiago, Antofagasta and Puerto Montt. The relationship between Boyden and Dillistone enabled the translation of FileFinder into Spanish.”

Stanton Chase International (Bulgaria) - AESC Member

"We have received a very positive feedback and recommendation from our colleagues in other countries to purchase FileFinder for our Bulgarian office. So we did. FileFinder has helped us to optimize our work process. It helps us in all aspects – clients, candidates, business development, marketing campaigns etc. As a result, we are more efficient and productive and stay competitive on the market. We are kept updated of the latest features thanks to the Google Group messages and updates on Twitter – we really like the new version and we are very eager to upgrade by the end of the year so we can benefit from all of its helpful features."

Caliber Associates (USA)

“Converting to FileFinder has been like moving from a Bicycle to a Harley! The speed, easy handling and ability to manoeuvre and navigate make it a very special machine. The customer support and knowledge base is responsive and comprehensive. This provides an incredible tool for us to manage our business more effectively.”

Ashley Hoyle (UK)

"FileFinder enables us to build up an invaluable database of clients and candidates with detailed information on each record which we can draw upon instantly for any given assignments. We have found the searching in documents feature particularly beneficial and recently we needed to find someone with Clay Pigeon Shooting experience - this would have been virtually impossible without this search facility as this information is obviously in the hobby section of a candidate's CV."

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