FileFinder for In-House Talent Acquisition, Research, and Sourcing Teams

Some of our Corporate clients:


FileFinder Desktop is the latest iteration of the FileFinder talent acquisition system.  FileFinder has long been the product of choice for executive recruiters and, today, it is increasingly used by in-house executive search and sourcing teams at major companies.


  • FileFinder is an  Executive Search Database, CRM System, Research Tool, Report Writer and Project Management Solution all rolled into one.  It is designed to support every element of the sourcing process.  It’s not just another ATS.
  • FileFinder is easy to use.  Clean, clear screens have been designed with the aid of a third party firm of user interface specialists.  It will support the way you work, effortlessly.
  • FileFinder is highly flexible.  Our clients range from individual recruiters to global teams; from boutique search firms to Fortune 100 organizations.  The system is configurable enough to meet the needs of all these diverse groups.
  • FileFinder is Web Centric.  In the past, recruiters relied on applicants.  Today, they seek out the best talent, wherever it may be.  A good way to find the best talent is through the web, and so the product integrates the latest web sourcing techniques.
  • FileFinder integrates seamlessly with Outlook for email, tasks, appointments and contacts.  Why reinvent the wheel?
  • FileFinder is available for installation on your own machines in your own network, or may be hosted by us in the Cloud.
  •  FileFinder is developed and supported by Dillistone Systems, a global, publically traded, cash generative, debt free and profitable business.  Offices in the USA, UK, Germany and Australia work together to offer close to 24x5 support to our clients worldwide.