FileFinder - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I install FileFinder on my server, or do you host it in the Cloud?

Either approach is fine. While the majority of our clients host it themselves, we now provide hosting services for several hundred firms. These include both executive search firms and major global corporations.


Do I buy FileFinder, or is it available by subscription?

Either approach is fine. We offer FileFinder as an outright purchase or under the ASP / SaaS model.


My business is very small / very large.  Will FileFinder be appropriate for me?

Yes. Our client base ranges from independent consultants / researchers through boutiques up to some of the largest firms in the Executive Search industry.  A huge variety of configuration options ensure that FileFinder will meet your needs.


Can FileFinder be accessed from multiple locations via the Internet?

Yes. We have clients with as many as 50 offices connecting to a central database with FileFinder. Users with laptops will be able to connect from any location with an Internet connection, and a variety of other options exist to facilitate remote access.


I have legacy data.  Can I convert it?

Absolutely. Over the years, we have converted hundreds of databases to the FileFinder format. Talk to us!


How does training work?

We train using a "Blended Learning" approach. This includes a combination of multimedia and live training. The specific training structure will be configured based on your specific requirements.


How do you support me?

Your "Support and Development Contract" provides you with unlimited support on an approaching 24x5 basis. Any member of your team may call any of our offices or take advantage of our online "Learning Zone". In addition, our support contract entitles you to free software upgrades as new releases of FileFinder become available (we charge only for the time taken to implement the software and for any training required).


You do not have an office in my country - how can you implement and support FileFinder?

We have clients in more than 60 countries and, in many cases, have implemented FileFinder and provided support entirely remotely.  Check our testimonials page to see how well this works!