About Dillistone Systems

Dillistone Systems is the leading global supplier of software to executive search firms and to in-house executive search teams.  Working out of offices on 3 continents and 4 countries, Dillistone Systems is part of Dillistone Group Plc, a public company listed on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange.


• More executive search firm clients:
Dillistone Systems works with more than 1,300 Executive Search firm clients.  That’s more than any comparable company.


• Working in more countries:
Dillistone Systems has clients in more than 60 countries.  That’s pretty much any country with an established search industry – pretty much!


• Growing and investing despite the recession:
Despite the global credit crunch, Dillistone Systems has invested over recent years.  During 2008-2011, not a single employee from any of our group companies was made redundant.  We increased our headcount and we significantly increased our development budget.  We doubt many suppliers can claim this.


• And yet financially stable:
We are debt free.  We generate cash.  We have money in the bank.  And, because we are public, you can check all of our numbers out for yourself on the Stock Exchange website.  We’ve been around 30 years, and we expect to be around for at least another 30!


• More resources and ways to support our clients:
No supplier has as many employees, dedicated to the executive search industry.  No supplier has as many offices, dedicated to the executive search industry.  No supplier offers as many free training webinars, dedicated to the executive search industry.  No supplier in our industry has a larger LinkedIn user group.



• To guarantee a future migration path:
For as long as a client maintains a support or ASP contract with us, we offer a guaranteed migration path.  About every two years, we bring out a new version of FileFinder.  Supported clients are entitled to migrate to a new system on a “time and materials” basis.  You benefit from millions of dollars of R&D and pay nothing beyond your support contract and the time taken to implement and train you on the new release.  That’s quite a return on your investment!


• More customer success stories:
Visit our testimonials pages to review dozens and dozens and dozens of real testimonials from real, named clients. No comparable company boasts as many public testimonials.  We believe that there is a reason for that!


Investing in software for your executive search team is a key decision taken for today and tomorrow.  If you select FileFinder, you can be confident that your decision will be backed up by a business which understands your needs – and will invest in your future.